a pilatus pc12 side view

The Quinessential Turboprop

Designed specifically as a corporate aircraft and regional airliner, the Pilatus PC-12 has become the best-selling, turbine-powered, pressurized single-engine aircraft in the world, with more than 1700 delivered through 2021.

The single-engine turboprop first flew in 1991. Refinements made by Pilatus Aircraft during early flights led to a larger wing and the addition of winglets. A program of continuous improvement has resulted in higher gross weights, more power, improved avionics for situational awareness, speed and range increases, and new interiors and inflight entertainment systems.

Continuous upgrades made throughout production have led to the PC-12NG (Next Generation – 2006) and the PC-12NGX (2019). The airframe was designed to allow it to take on many roles for passenger and cargo duty, air ambulance, and even military applications. Designated the U-28A, the aircraft performs intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) operations for the U.S. Air Force.

Pilatus PC-12 Interior

As a business passenger aircraft, it can be equipped with seating and amenities by the operator, typically with six to eight seats in a business seating arrangement with deployable tables. Comfort options include coffee and entertainment systems, plus a lavatory (standard on all aircraft). While Pilatus offers several business packages for the cabin, there are also third-party companies that provide custom-designed interiors.

For charter flights, it typically carries 6, while for commuter operations, the aircraft is equipped with 8 or 9 seats. The plane is certified for single-pilot operations but can accommodate a crew of two.

The price to charter a PC-12 for a business trip is roughly $2,200 per hour.
By the time the PC-12 NGX was introduced, the earlier fleet had accumulated more than seven million flight hours.

The PC-12 has proven itself as the most versatile and valued business aircraft in the world. It’s an original that is impossible to copy. The PC-12 NGX takes this legacy to the next level of refinement, efficiency, and technological advancement.

Pilatus PC-12 Interior Dimensions

Max. Passengers 7
Cabin Height 4'10 inches
Cabin Width 5 inches
Cabin Length 16'11 inches
Cabin Volume 356 cubic feet

Pilatus PC-12 Baggage Capacity

Total Weight 2000 pounds
Total Size 40 cubic feet

Whether you’re heading to meet new clients or your next vacation, the Pilatus PC-12 is one of the many planes we offer, and is a dependable option if you’re seeking economic efficiency without compromising comfort and convenience.

Interested in booking your next trip in the Pilatus PC-12? Contact us to learn more.

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