a cirrus sr22 in flight above clouds

Leave the car at home and take your road trip to the skies

The Cirrus SR22 elevates the definition of a single-engine piston aircraft, feeling more like a luxury automobile than a small airplane, and the ideal plane for small charter flights.

Unlike a car, however, the SR22 is fast – very fast. While it can take hours to get out of a large, congested city by car, the Cirrus SR22 shaves travel time down to minutes, depending on the distance. This aircraft is an excellent option for those traveling approximately 200-300 miles and perfect for day trips or quick getaways.

It’s also an affordable choice for travelers in smaller cities eager to skip the hassle of multiple connecting commercial flights: Simply book an air taxi flight in the SR22 directly to the airport closest to your destination.

The Cirrus SR22 has been called “the most sophisticated single-engine civilian aircraft ever built” for a reason: It combines power and next-gen technology – features not commonly seen in other piston-powered platforms.

Approximately 6,000 have been produced since its debut in 2001 and today it accounts for more than 30% of the piston aircraft market. Variants include the Cirrus SR22T, a turbocharged version of the aircraft delivering added power at cruise speeds.

At the forefront of all Cirrus aircraft is the groundbreaking Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS) which deploys in case of an emergency, giving operators a new level of peace of mind during flights.

The SR22 and its turbo variant comprise Cirrus’ largest piston model offerings. The company also builds the Cirrus SR50 Vision Jet, an award-winning private jet designed for owner-operators.

Cirrus SR22 Interior

Upon stepping inside the SR22, you’re welcomed with a bold, stylish interior inspired by luxury automobiles. It’s intelligent Cirrus design at work, with every inch of space providing functionality and comfort on board.

The hand-stitched European leather seats recline, adding to a more relaxed flight. The SR22 seats up to four passengers but for smaller groups or solo travelers with larger belongings, the rear bench folds down to provide storage beyond the exterior baggage compartment.

If you’re traveling in warmer regions, the SR22 also keeps you cool with air conditioning and UV-protected tinted windows.

In addition to the leather seats, other standard Cirrus SR22 interior amenities include USB charging ports, storage pockets, and a built-in oxygen system. The cabin can be further customized with extras like custom materials and colors, a satellite phone, and a worldwide weather system.

Cirrus SR22 Interior Dimensions

Max. Passengers 4
Cabin Height 4'2 inches
Cabin Width 4'1 inches
Cabin Length 8 inches
Cabin Volume 137 cubic feet

Cirrus SR22 Baggage Capacity

Total Weight 1328 pounds
Total Size 32 cubic feet

Whether you’re heading to meet new clients or your next vacation, the Cirrus SR22 is one of the many planes we offer, and is a dependable option if you’re seeking economic efficiency without compromising comfort and convenience.

Interested in booking your next trip in the Cirrus SR22? Contact us to learn more.

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