a cessna 310 takes off on a grass runway with residential houses in the background

Air Taxi Powerhouse for Adventurers

Sometimes, it’s all about the destination and the adventures that await.

Travelers searching for low-cost charter options will find plenty of value in the Cessna 310, especially if the destination isn’t too far from home.

It’s a formidable option for short-range trips averaging 500 nautical miles, and it can also access smaller remote airfields with its Short Take-Off and Landing (STOL) capabilities.

For quick, practical travel, the 310 packs a performance punch, primarily due to its twin-engine
power. As a light aircraft with two engines, the 310 offers an added layer of confidence while maintaining operational efficiency.

Taking the kids on the getaway? The 310 features two rows of front-facing seats and delivers savvy storage throughout Two wing lockers, one nose compartment, and plenty of space in the aft cabin area for approximately three golf bags and two sets of skis. For additional space to haul larger items like bicycles, the aircraft’s back seats can also be removed.

In general aviation the aircraft is renowned as a proven classic; a twin-engine aircraft designed in 1954 by Cessna for the first generation of business travelers. It was an instant success for Cessna, which manufactured dozens of variants3 during the aircraft’s 26-year run, including the Cessna 310R – still flown today for air taxi flights and charter service.

Beyond its reputation as a well-designed aircraft, it was also a television star. In the popular 1950’s adventure drama “Sky King,” the aircraft had a co-starring role alongside its namesake owner, who flew his trusted 310 in almost every episode of the series.

Cessna 310 Interior

Even in its standard forward-facing configuration, the Cessna 310 interior features generous space for five passengers to get comfortable. Upon stepping inside, passengers can choose from four large seats, each offering window views, and ample legroom.

Later models of the 310R also include an extra cabin window to accompany the wide windows spanning each side of the aircraft, adding natural light to enhance spaciousness.

Among passengers, this plane is known as a speedy alternative to ground transportation, ideal for short hops within a region. It delivers some of the fastest cruise speeds in the twin-engine piston category, about 200 miles per hour.

To aviation enthusiasts, the 310 is known as a true pilot’s aircraft. As a twin-engine monoplane with electric landing gear, it demands experience and knowledge of the platform and its variants. That includes the Cessna T310, a turbocharged version of the piston offering a higher service ceiling and faster performance.

Turbo models and other variants still flying today have also undergone modifications to improve and modernize the performance and capabilities of the Cessna 310. It’s not uncommon to book a flight in a model with a fully refurbished flight deck featuring advanced cockpit technology like autopilot, weather radar, and synthetic vision systems.

Cessna 310 Interior Dimensions

Max. Passengers 5
Cabin Height 4'1 inches
Cabin Width 4 inches
Cabin Length 8'7 inches
Cabin Volume 120 cubic feet

Cessna 310 Baggage Capacity

Total Weight n/a pounds
Total Size 65 cubic feet

Whether you’re heading to meet new clients or your next vacation, the Cessna 310 is one of the many planes we offer, and is a dependable option if you’re seeking economic efficiency without compromising comfort and convenience.

Interested in booking your next trip in the Cessna 310? Contact us to learn more.

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