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New Air Taxi Service Launches the Only Scheduled Non-Stop Flights From White Plains to Boston on October 1st

Posted by Peter Schmidt on Mon, Sep 16, 2013

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Getting to Boston is now as easy as hailing a cab

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September 16, 2013 -- New York and Boston -- For business travelers throughout Westchester and southern Connecticut, the trip to Boston no longer has to go through Queens (or a Queens airport). Two transformative air taxi companies are teaming up to provide the only non-stop, same-day roundtrip service from White Plains to Boston, at fares comparable with seven-day advance purchase airline pricing.

Linear Air, a Boston-based pioneer of air taxi services, and Hopscotch Air, the New York operator with a fleet of technologically advanced Cirrus air taxi aircraft, will begin scheduled, roundtrip service from Westchester County Airport to Boston's downtown Logan Airport on October 1st, and scheduled, roundtrip service from White Plains to Boston's Rt. 128 airport in Bedford on October 3rd.

Bill Herp, the CEO of Linear Air, noted “Westchester County Airport is just minutes from the homes and offices of thousands of people who fly to Boston each year. We never understood why the airlines don’t offer non-stop service from Westchester. So we decided to do it. Plus, the software platform we've created makes it easy for travelers to book their trips online through,, or, ensuring that buying these new flights to Boston is as simple as booking any other flight.”

We offer hassle-free travel to Boston,” Hopscotch Air CEO Andrew Schmertz said. “No long airport lines, no delays, no crowded airline terminals. And, finally, no stewing on the Triborough Bridge, trying to get to La Guardia.”

Dale Klapmeier, Co-founder and CEO of Cirrus Aircraft, stated, "Those of us in general aviation know well the benefits of flexibility and efficiency the Cirrus aircraft and this type of service provides. Congratulations to Linear Air and Hopscotch Air for offering affordable regional travel in a Cirrus to businesses and individuals who may not have considered this form of transportation before."

Because air taxi service is also available for on-demand flights, customers have the unique option of also booking flights at different times - any time! - that they might need to. “You can fly on our schedule, or on your own,” added Herp. "Though it does cost a bit more when you fly on demand," noted Schmertz.

Passengers can book their flights directly at, and can choose from on-field rental cars, taxicabs, black cars and public transit options at both Hanscom Field and at Logan Airport.

On October 1st, the companies will host a kick-off event at Panorama Flight Services at 67 Tower Road, Hangar T, Westchester County Airport, White Plains, NY 10604 (914-328-9800), beginning at 6:30am.

Company executives, pilots, and passengers will be on hand to answer questions, show off the cool airplanes, and, then, fly to Boston.  

Below is the October schedule:

White Plains – Boston Logan – White Plains
   Dep White Plains  Ret from Boston Logan  Fare (all inclusive)
 Tuesday 7:15A  5:00P  $875.00
 Wednesday 7:15A  5:00P  $875.00




White Plains – Boston Bedford – White Plains
   Dep White Plains  Ret from Boston Bedford  Fare (all inclusive)
 Monday 7:15A  5:00P  $775.00
 Thursday 7:15A  5:00P  $775.00
 Friday 7:15A  5:00P  $775.00





About Linear Air

Based in Bedford, Massachusetts, Linear Air is a pioneering innovator of air taxi services, connecting the traveling public with select operators of air taxi aircraft via our proprietary software platform. Linear Air offers business and leisure travelers access to more than 5,000 airports in North America that are conveniently located just minutes from anywhere, using the most advanced and comfortable air taxi aircraft available. With a nine-year history of leadership in the air taxi travel segment, Linear Air is proving that air taxi can provide nearly all the benefits of traditional jet charter, but without the extravagant prices. For more information, please visit, call +1-877-2-LINEAR or email

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About Hopscotch Air, Inc.

Hopscotch Air, a transformative FAA-certified air taxi service, delivers private aviation at affordable prices. Hopscotch Air offers its air taxi service through efficient, technologically-advanced Cirrus SR-22 aircraft. Designed to provide an alternative to regional airline service and driving, Hopscotch Air currently serves hundreds of lightly used airports throughout the northeast and Canada from its base airports in Long Island, Westchester, Boston, and Stowe. For more information about Hopscotch Air, call +1-877-255-2HOP or visit our website at

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