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Top 10 Reasons to Fly Private

Posted by Abbi Hiller on Tue, Jul 08, 2008

Originally published on Passport Newsletter Blog on July 8, 2008

Here’s an interesting pitch I came across for chartering your own plane rather than flying with a scheduled airline. It comes from Bill Herp, President of Linear Air, a Concord, MA based air taxi service operating in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states and eastern Canada. Similar services are offered throughout North America by other companies. With all of the problems the scheduled airlines are having these days, these services may become reasonable alternatives for an increasing number of flyers.

Here’s what Mr. Herp says:

1. When flying private, travelers avoid the 53 percent of overall travel time that’s spent just waiting in major airports for a flight. This includes check-in, security lines and flight delays.

2. Flying private can reduce trip time to selected destinations by as much as 3.5 hours.

3. Leave on time and arrive on time – specified by the traveler – with private air. Commercial travelers suffer from late departures more than a quarter of the time and late arrivals almost a third of the time.

4. Flights can be booked according to the traveler’s schedule, creating efficiencies that eliminate unnecessary overnight stays, long commutes from major airports to final destinations and unexpected cancellations.

5. Private air charters can go into 10-times more airports than commercial flights. By utilizing regional airports, air travel needs can be met from locations closer to homes and offices.

6. The well-appointed cabins on private jets are more conducive to meetings and can increase productivity for business travelers.

7. The average commercial plane is more than 25 years old. Overall, private planes are newer and more eco-friendly.

8. Luggage is loaded directly onto the aircraft, in view of the traveler, unlike the hundreds of thousands of mishandled and lost bags in commercial airports.

9. The average light jet flight is only 90 minutes, getting travelers from point-to-point efficiently.

10. Leisure travelers can get to weekend destinations more quickly and avoid getting stuck in major airport traffic.


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