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Private Air Travel

Posted by Abbi Hiller on Mon, Jul 07, 2008

Originally published on Park Sleep Fly Blog on July 7, 2008

The delays and bottlenecks that have resulted from higher occupancy rates on commercial airlines, together with fare increases and innumerable additional fees, have increased the appeal of private air travel for business travel as well as vacation travel.

Bill Herp, CEO of Linear Air, based in Concord, Massachusetts, says his point-to-point air taxi service is competitive with business class fares and provides "a travel experience that is easier, much more pleasant and caters to the needs of the traveler, not the travel provider."

Among his "Top 10 Reasons to Fly Private" are:

Travelers avoid check-in, security lines and flight delays which take up 53 percent of their time on commercial airlines. Flying private saves, on average, three and a half hours.

Travelers leave on time and arrive on time, and they pick their departure time, so they can eliminate many overnight stays, long commutes and flight cancellations.

Private flights can reach ten times more airports, including less-congested regional airports nearer homes and offices.

Here's a big one: "Luggage is loaded directly onto the aircraft, in view of the traveler, unlike the hundreds of thousands of mishandled and lost bags in commercial airports."

While the average commercial aircraft is 25 years old, private planes are much newer and more efficient and better for the environment. Then there are the well-appointed, comfortable cabins.

Linear Air serves 750 cities in the Northeast, the Mid-Atlantic and Eastern Canada.


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