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Premier VLJ Air-Taxi Operator Introduces Linear Connect

Posted by Abbi Hiller on Thu, Sep 22, 2011

Hartford, Conn., Sep 22, 2011 – Linear Air, the premier jet-taxi service offering business jet service for less than first class, today announced Linear Connect, a program designed to connect Eclipse VLJ owners and pilots with revenue from commercial operations through its FAA-approved charter certificate and pilot training programs.

Linear Connect aircraft are promoted via Linear Air's market-leading web quoting system, QuickQuote, and partners receive the highest quality maintenance and training support available anywhere.

Linear Connect partners are not charged fixed aircraft management fees. Instead, Linear Air charges a simple percentage fee based on charter revenue generated.

Linear Connect protects partners from being accidentally accused of operating without commercial authorization and from the pitfalls of so-called dry leasing arrangements under which the lessor and lessee share aircraft use and operational control.

Linear Connect offers airline pilots a terrific second career opportunity, and with the first class of airline pilots retiring at age 65 in 2012 after the mandatory retirement age was raised from age 60 in 2007, an increasingly large number of highly qualified pilots will be seeking just such an opportunity.

With Eclipse Aerospace and Sikorksy Aircraft, a subsidiary of United Technologies (NYSE: UTX), poised to resume production of the Eclipse 500 very light jet, Linear Connect is the right program at the right time for Eclipse owners as well.

"With Sikorsky bringing Eclipse back and the charter pilot population set to increase significantly, now is the time for Eclipse owners to start realizing a return from their jets," stated William Herp, Linear Air’s President and CEO. “Linear Connect eliminates the risk by bringing our unparalleled expertise to our partners, simplifying the complex regulatory environment of commercial operation and protecting our partner owners and pilots."

About Linear Air

Based in Concord, Massachusetts, Linear Air is a FAA-certified part 135 charter operator providing business jet service for less than first class using the revolutionary four- passenger Eclipse 500 business jet. Linear Air offers business and leisure travelers access to more than 750 cities in the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic and eastern Canada from bases in Boston, New York and Philadelphia, and to destinations throughout the Southwest and northern Mexico from bases in Southern California. Linear Air maintains a Gold safety rating from ARGUS International, Inc., the leading independent safety auditor in the aviation industry. Linear Air offers FAA-approved pilot training and maintenance for the Eclipse 500, and is the authorized Eclipse 500 training provider to the FAA itself. For more information, please visit call 1-877-2- LINEAR or email



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