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Linear Air and High Performance Aircraft Training Join Forces

Posted by Abbi Hiller on Mon, Jan 11, 2010

CONCORD, MA and CLEARWATER, FL, January 11, 2010 – Linear Air, the leading Eclipse 500 air-taxi and training provider, and High Performance Aircraft Training, the leading provider of unusual attitude training and jet transition instruction, announced today that the two companies have teamed up to provide Eclipse 500 pilot training under Linear Air’s FAA-approved Eclipse training program.

Linear Air will continue to offer pilot training at its training center at Hanscom Airport in Bedford, MA outside Boston, offering pilots the option of a concentrated experience away from the distractions of daily life, either in their own airplane or in one of Linear Air’s. This option gives Eclipse pilots the most efficient and least costly means by which to complete a training event.

High Performance Aircraft Training (HPAT) will make ‘house calls’, offering Eclipse pilots the option of training at their home airport. HPAT can also provide the upset training required prior to entering Eclipse type rating training in its L39 jet aircraft.

Peter Zaccagnino, CEO of High Performance Aircraft Training, commented “Our team includes the former Chief Pilot of Eclipse Aviation, so we know the Eclipse 500 inside and out. In Linear Air, we’ve found a partner that understands the airplane and the importance of professional pilot training for every Eclipse pilot.” Bill Herp, CEO of Linear Air further noted “Pete and his team of on-site instructors at High Performance are the perfect compliment to our training center-based approach.”

Linear Air’s program is authorized under Part 61 of the Federal Aviation Regulations and FAA Advisory Circular AC 61-137, which specifically addresses the unique training requirements of the Eclipse 500 jet. All Eclipse 500 pilots must receive initial training to fly the Eclipse, mentor training to fly single-pilot, and ongoing recurrent training at either six or twelve month intervals depending on pilot experience.

About Linear Air

Based in Concord, Massachusetts, Linear Air is a FAA-certified part 135 charter operator providing air taxi service using the revolutionary four-passenger Eclipse 500 business jets. Linear Air is also an FAA authorized and insurance approved provider of pilot training and maintenance to owner-operators of the Eclipse 500. Linear Air maintains a Gold safety rating from ARG/US, the leading independent safety auditor in the aviation industry. For more information, please visit call 1-877-2-LINEAR or email

About High Performance Aircraft Training

Based in Clearwater, Florida, High Performance Aircraft Training LLC (HPAT) provides ground school, flight training, and aircraft testing to ensure that pilots are equipped with the tools and strategies to manage workloads, enhance situational awareness, improve decision-making and avoid accidents. From initial and recurrent training to advanced courses in international procedures, unusual attitude training in a variety of jet aircraft, and jet transition instruction, HPAT’s suite of flight education services equips pilots for safer and smarter operations to meet the challenges of today’s demanding aircraft. For more information, please visit or call 1-908-391-2001.

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