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Linear Air Reveals the Top 10 Reasons to Fly Private

Posted by Abbi Hiller on Tue, Jul 01, 2008

Concord, MA, July 1, 2008 – With commercial airlines tacking on fees for baggage, reducing routes and increasing ticket prices to account for the rising cost of fuel, private air travel is now a truly viable option for travelers, both financially and from a productivity perspective.

Linear Air, a provider of point-to-point air taxi service from the mid-Atlantic region through eastern Canada, has published the “Top 10 Reasons to Fly Private.” This compilation of “go-to” facts to consider when booking your next business or personal flight highlights the current challenges of the air travel landscape and offers more sophisticated, convenient air travel options for business and personal needs.

“The turbulent climate of commercial air travel is causing more people to fly privately,” said Bill Herp, CEO of Linear Air. “Linear Air is taking the lead on giving road warriors and vacation travelers options that make sense, and deliver a travel experience that is easier, much more pleasant and caters to the needs of the traveler, not the travel provider.”

Top 10 Reasons to Fly Private

1. When flying private, travelers avoid spending the 53 percent of overall travel time that is spent just waiting in major airports for a flight. This includes check-in, security lines and flight delays.

2. Flying private reduces trip time to destinations by approximately 3.5 hours.3. Leave on time and arrive on time – specified by the traveler – with private air. Commercial travelers suffer from late departures more than a quarter of the time and late arrivals almost a third of the time.

4. Flights can be booked according to the traveler’s schedule, creating efficiencies that eliminate unnecessary overnight stays, long commutes from major airports to final destinations and unexpected cancellations.

5. Private air charters can go into 10-times more airports than commercial flights. By utilizing regional airports, air travel needs can be met from convenient locations, closer to homes and offices.

6. The well –appointed cabins on private jets are more conducive to meetings and add to business travelers levels of productivity.

7. The average age of a commercial plane is more than 25 years old. On the whole, private planes are newer and more eco-friendly.

8. Luggage is loaded directly onto the aircraft, in view of the traveler, unlike the hundreds of thousands of mishandled and lost bags in commercial airports.

9. The average light jet flight is only 90 minutes, getting travelers from point-to-point efficiently.

10. Leisure travelers can get to weekend destinations quicker and avoid getting stuck in weekend traffic.

About Linear Air

Linear Air provides point-to-point air taxi service with unprecedented access and affordability. Based in Concord, Mass., the Linear Air fleet includes Eclipse E500 business jets and Cessna Grand Caravan turboprops. Linear Air offers business and leisure travelers access to more than 750 cities in the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic and eastern Canada. Linear Air is a FAA-certified part 135 charter operator that maintains a Gold safety rating from ARG/US, the leading independent safety auditor in the aviation industry. For more information, please visit or call 1-877-2-LINEAR.


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