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Who flies Air Taxi? Clayton Christensen

Posted by Alanna Vallee on Fri, Aug 08, 2014 @ 12:28 PM

A brief look at Mr. Christensen's profile gives you a sense of the intense demands on his time. Clay is a Harvard Business School Professor, an entrepeneur who has founded four companies and a non-profit think tank, an advisor to countless executives around the world, a best-selling author, a highly-sought-after speaker, a father, and a grandfather.


Air Taxi caters to exactly this type of busy executive. The traveler who wants to avoid the hassles, intrusions, and hours of wasted time associated with flying on scheduled airline service through big hub airports. The traveler who wants, and needs, to fly on their own terms.

"Linear Air Taxi often makes my life a bit simpler. Without the security lines and traffic, and with the flexibility of last-minute trips, Air Taxi makes things less hectic," says Clay.

Mr. Christensen was introduced to Linear Air Taxi through his company Innosight, a global strategy and innovation consulting firm. The team at Innosight needs to maximize productivity with more time in the office, but also be in front of clients and attend offsite events and conferences. The company is located Lexington, Massachusetts -- just 5 miles away from Hanscom Field, one of thousands of small airports in the US.

For Clay and the Innosight team, the advantages of Air Taxi equal huge time savings:

Air Taxi

Drive Lexington-Bedford (15 min)

Complimentary valet parking, wait (5 min)

Board airplane (5 min)

Pre-flight travel time: 25 min

Commercial Airline

Drive Lexington-Logan (90 min)

Park, check-in, clear security (90 min)

Board airplane (30 min)

Pre-flight travel time: 3 hrs, 30 min

Before his first Air Taxi experience, Clay admits to having had a preconceived notion we hear quite often. "I thought, this is only for the rich and famous. I am not rich nor do I feel like I am famous. But I do travel a good amount." We get it. Traditional charter companies & private jet brokers have done a great job marketing the aura of private jet travel. Air Taxi is a personal travel alternative for those, like Clay, who've dismissed extravagant private jets and place a premium on efficiency, not excess.

Lest you think the choice of Air Taxi is only about the efficiency, we asked Clay what he likes most about flying Air Taxi. "Aside from the time-savings and the convenience, the actual flight experience is wonderful. It's calm, personal, and enjoyable to fly with Linear Air Taxi. I am also a tall man and Air Taxi is a bit more comfortable!"

Ten years ago, Clay wrote about the potential for next-generation air taxi providers to radically reshape the future of aviation in his book Seeing What's Next; Using the Theories of Innovation to Predict Industry Change. Linear Air is doing just that, with every Air Taxi flight we're disrupting the notion that airline travel needs can only be met by major airlines with their restrictive hub and spoke model. Innovative travelers fly smart, they fly direct, they fly Linear Air Taxi.

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