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Air Taxi Attractiveness Grows as Airlines De-Prioritize Customers

Posted by Peter Schmidt on Wed, Jun 18, 2014 @ 01:36 PM

Linear Air's air taxi service takes the stress out of travel. Commodity airline baggage policy changes are doing just the opposite.

Many of our Air Taxi passengers admit they've grown tired of disappointing and unpredictable airline service. In reading George Hobica's account of his recent flight from JFK, we feel their pain. 

In a recent article for USA Today, George Hobica describes his experience with a new commercial airline policy:

“Recently I had a very unpleasant surprise in the TSA line at New York's JFK airport. … To make a long story short, [my carry-on] was rejected as ‘too big.’ What I didn't realize, because it's never been an issue before, is that American (as well as Delta and United) has updated their carry-on bag policies, including a 14-inch maximum width, and my Rimowa is 15 inches wide, as are many carry-ons. Even though it's an inch shorter than the 22-inch length limit, and an inch below the official 9-inch depth limit, back to check-in, I went. And the line was so long, I almost missed my flight. I was then told that this is a new ‘FAA regulation,’ a questionable claim given that not all airlines have the same allowances.”


This news is disappointing, to say the least. From airlines not advertising this change in policy - which can lead to last-minute rushing around a crowded airport, having to pay extra to check your carry-on, and even missing your flight, as Hobica almost did - to inconsistency between carriers. This move by the commodity airlines proves once again that the customer isn’t, and has never been, their priority. Air travel should be getting easier and more accommodating for travelers, not even more constricting!

We sympathize with George & we are happy to be rescuing passengers from these types of experiences with every Air Taxi flight. Our commitment to providing the best, most convenient travel experience available, means no lines, no wait, and no hassle - and especially no last-minute “surprises” about what you can and can’t bring. We don’t believe in making you accommodate us, air taxi accommodates you!

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