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Linear Air Applauds the Changing Face of Modern Travel

Posted by Peter Schmidt on Thu, Jun 12, 2014 @ 12:51 PM

Why now, more than ever, is the time for Air Taxi

Have you heard of Airbnb? How about Uber? Lyft? HotelTonight? These business models – which let you do everything from score last-minute hotel rooms to catch a ride with a friendly stranger – and ones like them are quickly becoming the new face of modern business travel: travel that caters to an increasingly “on-demand” and “share” economy. In a 2012 New York Times Article, Jenna Wortham describes her experience traveling to San Francisco, using a series “useful apps providing services in the nick of time.” From hiring someone to fetch her a replacement laptop tool to snagging a hotel room for an extra night in the city, Wortham's ease and efficiency in fixing travel snafus lead her to wonder, “What couldn’t I do, what problems couldn’t be solved, with the tap of an app?”

Wortham is not alone. The modern traveler is counting more and more on technology to expedite their experience, and using apps like Uber and Exec to ensure that, for a little extra money, they get the best personalized, convenient service available. An upswing in the economy may also have something to do with this: The GBTA estimated that business travel spending grew 3.8% to $272 billion in 2013, meaning that people are, in part, no longer worrying about just getting the cheapest option. And availability at the last minute seems to be a priority for the modern business traveler as well, with a report by JiWire showing that more than 55% of travelers book travel-related activities (such as hotels) after they've already taken off.

Yet as new and modern as it may seem, Linear Air has been on this path for years. Our Air Taxi service offers what travelers need: convenience, control, and comfort. Like all of the disruptive innovations highlighted above, we were tired and frustrated with the old way of doing things. Slow, unreliable, hub and spoke travel that treated us more like cattle than customers. So, we found a way to do better:

  • We created a network of Air Taxi operators who met our standards of safety, professionalism, and outstanding service.

  • We developed an digital marketplace in order to connect travelers to available Air Taxis
  • You can search for, create & book your trip on-demand at in just 5 clicks. And we've partnered with leading travel search sites and the hipmunk.
  • Air Taxis are able to pick you up almost anywhere, anytime by utilizing regional and executive airports. We don't operate on set routes & schedules - we operate on yours.

The world of travel is changing, and Linear Air is proud to be right here with it.

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