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Rubbing Elbows With Your Air Taxi Pilot

Posted by Alanna Vallee on Wed, Apr 30, 2014 @ 11:14 AM

One of the (many) things that separates Air Taxi from extravagant private jet travel is the flight experience.

An article in Business Jet Traveler's April Edition, by Mark Phelps, features our partner Hopscotch Air & their perspective on offering passengers a unique option: cabin or cockpit.

Read the full article here:  Exit: Rubbing Elbows With Your Pilot 
Article highlights:
  • Hopscotch Air embraces the image of an uber taxicab—one that can get you from just outside New York City to Nantucket in an hour and a half—rather than trying to pretend to be flying you in a much larger “luxury jet.”
  • Hopscotch Pilots truly enjoy getting to know their passengers as they "rub elbows" during the flight & many repeat customers learn to love the view out the big window up front.
  • For some people who tend to be uneasy about flying in a small airplane, it’s comforting to be able to listen in with the pilot’s conversations with air traffic control—after a trip or two, any residual fear of flying usually melts away.
  • Sitting up front is not for everyone, many passengers enjoy sitting back - in the back - simply enjoying the flight.


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