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The Jericho Road to Martha's Vineyard is flown via jet taxi

Posted by Peter Schmidt on Fri, Aug 09, 2013 @ 02:01 PM

Hogan Family with Eclipse air taxi jetThere's many exciting aspects of running our point-to-point air taxi service. We love creating lasting memories every day for our passengers by delivering a one-of-a-kind travel experience. It's even more exciting when we can donate a flight to help raise money for charity. That's why we recently gave away a day trip to benefit the Jericho Road Project. The service up for bid was a trip from our Boston-area location at Hanscom Field out to idyllic Martha's Vineyard, flown on our flagship plane -- the Eclipse 500 personal jet.

Helping the Helpers

The Jericho Road Project caught our eye as an exceptionally worthwhile organization because of the work they do improving lives. Jericho Road matches experts in a variety of fields with nonprofits who need their assistance with strategy, accounting, IT, or anything else that could use improvement. In short, they help communities by helping all the other nonprofits do what they already do, better.

Powerful Connections Improve Lives

We admire Jericho Road as a non-profit innovator not merely because they do great grassroots work improving lives, but also because they leverage their talents to maximize the impact of their work all over. It's about making direct connections, and that's something we understand ourselves!

There's A Better Way


At Linear Air, we consider ourselves innovators in our own field. For us, it's about more than offering personal air taxi service. It's about changing the way you think about air travel and brushing aside perceived inconveniences and necessary evils (that aren't actually necessary). Our goal is to expand access to convenient air travel that's actually enjoyable, and offering private flight that's more cost-effective than you might imagine.

A Special Trip for a Special Group

Flying right from Bedford's Hanscom Field, we were also very proud to give winning bidder John Hogan and his family a lovely and memorable trip to Martha's Vineyard. Making that sort of special trip possible and convenient with our Eclipse jet is a perfect example of what we do best, and it was rewarding for all of us to do it in honor of the great work coming out of the Jericho Road Project. 

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