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The 12 Stages of Happiness with Air Taxi [VIDEO]

Posted by Peter Schmidt on Tue, Jul 16, 2013 @ 11:24 AM

Standing in line at airport security, waiting for delayed flights, having to change planes...say goodbye to all of that by traveling via air taxi! If you've never flown this way before, check out our COO Peter Schmidt's YouTube clips demonstrating how fast, easy and efficient air taxi travel is.

The Journey Begins

It all starts when Peter needs to take his daughter to visit a college in a rural area. If he had chosen to fly commercially, it would have taken six hours to get there and three and a half hours to get back, which includes changing planes among other headaches. The estimated door to door time on a Linear Air executive jet is under two hours. Big difference!


Because they're flying Linear Air, Peter gets to valet park rather than struggle to find a parking space before takeoff. Our COO and his daughter get to walk right up to the air taxi rather than going through the usual airport security checks.

The Flight

After strapping himself and his daughter into the air taxi, the flight takes off. Unlike commercial flights where you're often sandwiched between people and wishing for more leg room, the air taxi provides plenty of room to stretch out and enjoy the flight. Since Peter and his daughter are sitting right behind the pilots, they get a nice view of where they're headed.


The flight was even shorter than expected, about an hour, with a great view of the landing that a commercial flight will never provide. Save yourself that hassle of booking a commercial flight and go the air taxi route instead! They're easy, fun, convenient and will get you where you need to go in a much shorter time. Book a flight today and experience the Linear Air difference!

Guest feature by Peter Schmidt, COO at Linear Air

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