At GBTA: Linear Air via Hipmunk Business Class

Posted by William Herp on Fri, Nov 16, 2012

As founder and CEO of a travel company like Linear Air, I get to focus on and talk all day, every day about something most people want to do, and enjoy, more – travel. It’s a tough job, but somebody’s gotta do it :-) And a few weeks ago my weighty responsibilities as CEO "required" that I attend the 2013 Global Business Travel Association convention in Boston. 

All kidding aside, it was a fantastic opportunity to gather with about 6,000 travel industry pros from all over the globe to talk about the latest trends and exciting new opportunities and options in our industry and about how we can better meet the needs of and serve our customers. We also heard from a dynamite list of speakers, headlined by not one, but TWO former presidents of the United States: Bill Clinton and George W. Bush

President Clinton told us that “the future looks good for business travel.” And he encouraged us to become more competitive through cooperation and networking” both in business and in other realms of life. President Bush, who led the nation during the darkest days our nation has known since World War II, talked to us about being leaders of our own organizations. “To run a company or an organization, you need to have a vision and principals. State them clearly and honor them,” he said. I liked and took to heart what both men said.

We also heard from a variety of travel industry leaders, and got to laugh at ourselves and our industry thanks to comic Seth Myers of Saturday Night Live fame.

For me one of the great aspects of the GBTA convention was that Linear Air got to be part of one of the great new opportunities introduced there. Our on-demand Air Taxi services are the only private jet travel services that can be booked online via online travel search, at  Hipmunk is a pioneering website designed to take the agony out of travel planning – and ultimately out of travel itself - by reducing the pages and pages of irrelevant search results and maddening clutter encountered on other travel booking sites. It also allows someone booking travel for themselves – or for someone else doing it for them - to select a wide array of optional services that can make the travel experience far less annoying and inconvenient and far more enjoyable.

At the convention Hipmunk announced the launch of Hipmunk Business Class, which offers extra features designed especially for by administrative assistants, office managers, and other folks who have to book trips for multiple businesses travelers. Linear Air is thrilled that our services are offered via Hipmunk Business Class because the majority of our travelers are business travelers whose trips are booked for them by their admins, or other staff members

I invite you to give booking at Linear Air flight via a try so that you can see how easy it is to do. Even without clicking into Hipmunk Business Class (which is being offered on a 60-day free trail and then $9.99 a month), you can easily find Linear Air services on Hipmunk. For example, I looked at booking travel for three business people flying together from the Boston area, where GBTAwas held, to Carlisle, PA. Carlisle is the kind of small town that is hard to reach at all via commercial airlines, and laborious to reach almost any other way – and the kind of place that Linear Air specializes in serving well. Linear Air popped up as the one of the options presented on Hipmunk’s easy-to-understand comparative “timeline” display. A quick glance at all the options shows that Linear Air provides the fastest, most hassle-free way to make that trip. In fact, it’s the ONLY option displayed in which that trip can be made on a one-day, roundtrip basis.

Talk about making travel enjoyable again!

And the real point is, that since Linear Air is an on-demand air taxi service, meaning we fly on YOUR schedule, not ours, you can pretty much schedule that kind of short-to-intermediate trip to most any smaller market in North America where there is no, or poor airline service. And you book our service via Hipmunk Business Class;’s basic free service; our own website,; or by calling us at 1-877-2-LINEAR (1-877-254-6327).

See you onboard.



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