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Halmstad City Weather


Icon representation of Mostly Cloudy
Mostly Cloudy
Rain tomorrow through Saturday.
Icon representation of Mostly cloudy throughout the day.
High: 67 °F
Low:  40 °F
Mostly cloudy throughout the day.
Icon representation of Light rain in the morning and afternoon.
High: 64 °F
Low:  53 °F
Light rain in the morning and afternoon.
Icon representation of Rain until morning, starting again in the evening.
High: 64 °F
Low:  53 °F
Rain until morning, starting again in the evening.
Icon representation of Rain in the morning.
High: 60 °F
Low:  53 °F
Rain in the morning.
Icon representation of Light rain throughout the day.
High: 58 °F
Low:  50 °F
Light rain throughout the day.
Icon representation of Possible drizzle in the morning.
High: 62 °F
Low:  50 °F
Possible drizzle in the morning.
Icon representation of Overcast throughout the day.
High: 59 °F
Low:  50 °F
Overcast throughout the day.
Icon representation of Partly cloudy throughout the day.
High: 61 °F
Low:  46 °F
Partly cloudy throughout the day.

Halmstad City Area

Halmstad City Region

Airport Information

FAA Code
Time Zone (UTC 1)
LatitudeN56°41'30'' (56.69)
LongitudeN12°49'12'' (12.82)
Runway Length7,441 ft (2,267 m)

Top Destinations from Halmstad City

Airport DestinationCityStateFlight Route
Aalborg (AAL)AalborgHalmstad City to Aalborg
Albacete Los Llanos (ABC)AlbaceteHalmstad City to Albacete Los Llanos
Aberdeen International Dyce (ABZ)AberdeenHalmstad City to Aberdeen International Dyce
Altenrhein/St Gallen (ACH)AltenrheinHalmstad City to Altenrhein/St Gallen
Adana International (ADA)AdanaHalmstad City to Adana International
Izmir Adnan Menderes International (ADB)IzmirHalmstad City to Izmir Adnan Menderes International
Adiyaman (ADF)AdiyamanHalmstad City to Adiyaman
Vigra/Alesund (AES)VigraHalmstad City to Vigra/Alesund
Afyon AB (AFY)AfyonHalmstad City to Afyon AB
Augsburg (AGB)AugsburgHalmstad City to Augsburg
Agen - La Garenne (AGF)AgenHalmstad City to Agen - La Garenne
Malaga Costa del Sol (AGP)MalagaHalmstad City to Malaga Costa del Sol
Alghero Fertilia (AHO)AlgheroHalmstad City to Alghero Fertilia
Ajaccio Napoleon Bonaparte (AJA)AjaccioHalmstad City to Ajaccio Napoleon Bonaparte
Ahmen-i Hani/Agri (AJI)AgriHalmstad City to Ahmen-i Hani/Agri
Arvidsjaur (AJR)ArvidsjaurHalmstad City to Arvidsjaur
Alicante Elche (ALC)AlicanteHalmstad City to Alicante Elche
Alta (ALF)AltaHalmstad City to Alta
Albenga/Riviera (ALL)AlbengaHalmstad City to Albenga/Riviera
Amsterdam Schiphol (AMS)AmsterdamHalmstad City to Amsterdam Schiphol
Angers Loire (ANE)AngersHalmstad City to Angers Loire
Angouleme-Cognac (Brie-Champniers) (ANG)AngoulemeHalmstad City to Angouleme-Cognac (Brie-Champniers)
Ankara/Etimesgut AB (ANK)AnkaraHalmstad City to Ankara/Etimesgut AB
Antwerp (ANR)AntwerpHalmstad City to Antwerp
Andenes/Andoya AB (ANX)AndenesHalmstad City to Andenes/Andoya AB
Leipzig-Altenburg (AOC)AltenburgHalmstad City to Leipzig-Altenburg
Eskisehir/Hasan Polatkan (Anadolu AB) (AOE)EskisehirHalmstad City to Eskisehir/Hasan Polatkan (Anadolu AB)
Ancona Marche (AOI)AnconaHalmstad City to Ancona Marche
Karpathos (AOK)KarpathosHalmstad City to Karpathos
Aosta (AOT)AostaHalmstad City to Aosta
Stockholm Arlanda (ARN)StockholmHalmstad City to Stockholm Arlanda
Kayseri Erkilet (ASR)KayseriHalmstad City to Kayseri Erkilet
Athens Intl Eleftherios Venizelos (ATH)AthensHalmstad City to Athens Intl Eleftherios Venizelos
Auxerre - Branches (AUF)AuxerreHalmstad City to Auxerre - Branches
Aurillac Tronquieres (AUR)AurillacHalmstad City to Aurillac Tronquieres
Pordenone-Aviano MIL (AVB)PordenoneHalmstad City to Pordenone-Aviano MIL
Avignon-Provence (AVN)AvignonHalmstad City to Avignon-Provence
Alexandroupolis/Dimokritos (AXD)AlexandroupolisHalmstad City to Alexandroupolis/Dimokritos
Antalya International (AYT)AntalyaHalmstad City to Antalya International
Batman AB (BAL)BatmanHalmstad City to Batman AB
Barth (BBH)BarthHalmstad City to Barth
Bitburg (BBJ)BitburgHalmstad City to Bitburg
Blackbushe (BBS)LondonHalmstad City to Blackbushe
Josep Tarradellas Barcelona-El Prat (BCN)BarcelonaHalmstad City to Josep Tarradellas Barcelona-El Prat
Balikesir/Bandirma AB (BDM)BalikesirHalmstad City to Balikesir/Bandirma AB
Papola-Casale/Brindisi Salento (BDS)BrindisiHalmstad City to Papola-Casale/Brindisi Salento
Bardufoss (BDU)BardufossHalmstad City to Bardufoss
Benbecula (BEB)BenbeculaHalmstad City to Benbecula
Berlin Brandenburg Intl (BER)BerlinHalmstad City to Berlin Brandenburg Intl
Brest Bretagne (BES)BrestHalmstad City to Brest Bretagne
Bielefeld (BFE)BielefeldHalmstad City to Bielefeld
Belfast International (Aldergrove) (BFS)BelfastHalmstad City to Belfast International (Aldergrove)
Braganca (BGC)BragancaHalmstad City to Braganca
Bingol (BGG)BingolHalmstad City to Bingol
Bergen/Flesland (BGO)BergenHalmstad City to Bergen/Flesland
Milan Bergamo (Orio Al Serio) (BGY)BergamoHalmstad City to Milan Bergamo (Orio Al Serio)
George Best Belfast City (BHD)BelfastHalmstad City to George Best Belfast City
Birmingham International (BHX)BirminghamHalmstad City to Birmingham International
Bastia Poretta (BIA)BastiaHalmstad City to Bastia Poretta
Bilbao (BIO)BilbaoHalmstad City to Bilbao
Biarritz Pays Basque (BIQ)BiarritzHalmstad City to Biarritz Pays Basque
Biella Cerrione Pietro Venanzi (BJE)BiellaHalmstad City to Biella Cerrione Pietro Venanzi
Mugla Milas Bodrum International (BJV)MilasHalmstad City to Mugla Milas Bodrum International
Badajoz/Talavera La Real (BJZ)BadajozHalmstad City to Badajoz/Talavera La Real
Borlange/Dala (BLE)BorlangeHalmstad City to Borlange/Dala
Blackpool (BLK)BlackpoolHalmstad City to Blackpool
Billund (BLL)BillundHalmstad City to Billund
G Marconi/Bologna Borgo Panigale (BLQ)BolognaHalmstad City to G Marconi/Bologna Borgo Panigale
Stockholm City/Bromma (BMA)StockholmHalmstad City to Stockholm City/Bromma
Broennoeysund Broennoey (BNN)BroennoeysundHalmstad City to Broennoeysund Broennoey
Bordeaux Merignac International (BOD)BordeauxHalmstad City to Bordeaux Merignac International
Bournemouth (BOH)BournemouthHalmstad City to Bournemouth
Bodo (BOO)BodoHalmstad City to Bodo
Bourges (BOU)BourgesHalmstad City to Bourges
London Biggin Hill (BQH)LondonHalmstad City to London Biggin Hill
Bremen (BRE)BremenHalmstad City to Bremen
Palese/Bari-Karol Wojtyla (BRI)BariHalmstad City to Palese/Bari-Karol Wojtyla
Bern/Belp (BRN)BernHalmstad City to Bern/Belp
Bristol (BRS)BristolHalmstad City to Bristol
Brussels National (BRU)BrusselsHalmstad City to Brussels National
Beauvais-Tille (BVA)BeauvaisHalmstad City to Beauvais-Tille
Brive-Souillac Vallee de la Dordogne (BVE)Brive-La-GaillardeHalmstad City to Brive-Souillac Vallee de la Dordogne
Braunschweig-Wolfsburg (BWE)BraunschweigHalmstad City to Braunschweig-Wolfsburg
Brac (BWK)BracHalmstad City to Brac
Buochs (BXO)LuzernHalmstad City to Buochs
Albert-Picardie (BYF)AlbertHalmstad City to Albert-Picardie
Beja/Beja AB (BYJ)BejaHalmstad City to Beja/Beja AB
Balikesir/Merkez (BZI)BalikesirHalmstad City to Balikesir/Merkez
Bolzano Bozen (BZO)BolzanoHalmstad City to Bolzano Bozen
Beziers Cap d'Agde en Languedoc (BZR)Beziers - AgdeHalmstad City to Beziers Cap d'Agde en Languedoc
Cagliari Elmas (CAG)CagliariHalmstad City to Cagliari Elmas
Campbeltown (CAL)CampbeltownHalmstad City to Campbeltown
Carlisle Lake District (CAX)CarlisleHalmstad City to Carlisle Lake District
Cambridge (CBG)CambridgeHalmstad City to Cambridge
Cottbus Drewitz (CBU)CottbusHalmstad City to Cottbus Drewitz
Carcassonne Salvaza (CCF)CarcassonneHalmstad City to Carcassonne Salvaza
Paris Charles de Gaulle (CDG)ParisHalmstad City to Paris Charles de Gaulle
Castellon Costa Azahar (CDT)CastellonHalmstad City to Castellon Costa Azahar
Hawarden (CEG)ChesterHalmstad City to Hawarden
Cannes-Mandelieu (CEQ)CannesHalmstad City to Cannes-Mandelieu
Cherbourg Maupertus (CER)CherbourgHalmstad City to Cherbourg Maupertus
Cholet-Le Pontreau Roland Garros (CET)CholetHalmstad City to Cholet-Le Pontreau Roland Garros
Clermont-Ferrand Auvergne (CFE)Clermont-FerrandHalmstad City to Clermont-Ferrand Auvergne
Donegal (CFN)DonegalHalmstad City to Donegal
Caen Carpiquet (CFR)CaenHalmstad City to Caen Carpiquet
Kerkira Ioannis Kapodistrias Corfu (CFU)KerkiraHalmstad City to Kerkira Ioannis Kapodistrias Corfu
Koeln Bonn (Cologne) (CGN)Cologne-BonnHalmstad City to Koeln Bonn (Cologne)
Chania / Ioannis Daskalogiannis International (CHQ)ChaniaHalmstad City to Chania / Ioannis Daskalogiannis International
Chateauroux Centre Marcel Dassault (CHR)ChateaurouxHalmstad City to Chateauroux Centre Marcel Dassault
Rome Ciampino G B Pastine (CIA)RomeHalmstad City to Rome Ciampino G B Pastine
Comiso Pio La Torre (CIY)ComisoHalmstad City to Comiso Pio La Torre
Canakkale (CKZ)CanakkaleHalmstad City to Canakkale
Calvi Sainte Catherine (CLY)CalviHalmstad City to Calvi Sainte Catherine
Chambery Savoie Mont Blanc (CMF)ChamberyHalmstad City to Chambery Savoie Mont Blanc
Colmar-Houssen (CMR)ColmarHalmstad City to Colmar-Houssen
Calais-Dunkerque (CQF)CalaisHalmstad City to Calais-Dunkerque
Ciudad Real International (CQM)Ciudad RealHalmstad City to Ciudad Real International
Brussels South Charleroi (CRL)CharleroiHalmstad City to Brussels South Charleroi
Crotone (CRV)CrotoneHalmstad City to Crotone
Magdeburg/Cochstedt International (CSO)CochstedtHalmstad City to Magdeburg/Cochstedt International
Catania Fontanarossa/Vincenzo Bellini (CTA)CataniaHalmstad City to Catania Fontanarossa/Vincenzo Bellini
Le Castellet International (CTT)Le CastelletHalmstad City to Le Castellet International
Cuneo Levaldigi (CUF)CuneoHalmstad City to Cuneo Levaldigi
Coventry (CVT)CoventryHalmstad City to Coventry
Cardiff (CWL)CardiffHalmstad City to Cardiff
Dubrovnik Cilipi (DBV)DubrovnikHalmstad City to Dubrovnik Cilipi
Decimomannu AB (DCI)DecimomannuHalmstad City to Decimomannu AB
Castres/Mazamet (DCM)CastresHalmstad City to Castres/Mazamet
Den Helder / De Kooy (DHR)Den HelderHalmstad City to Den Helder / De Kooy
Dijon Bourgogne Longvic (DIJ)DijonHalmstad City to Dijon Bourgogne Longvic
Diyarbakir (DIY)DiyarbakirHalmstad City to Diyarbakir
Dole Jura (Tavaux) (DLE)DoleHalmstad City to Dole Jura (Tavaux)
Dalaman (Mugla) (DLM)DalamanHalmstad City to Dalaman (Mugla)
Dundee (DND)DundeeHalmstad City to Dundee
Dinard Bretagne (Pleurtuit St Malo) (DNR)DinardHalmstad City to Dinard Bretagne (Pleurtuit St Malo)
Denizli Cardak AB (DNZ)DenizliHalmstad City to Denizli Cardak AB
Deauville Normandie (DOL)DeauvilleHalmstad City to Deauville Normandie
Dresden (DRS)DresdenHalmstad City to Dresden
Doncaster Sheffield (DSA)DoncasterHalmstad City to Doncaster Sheffield
Dortmund (DTM)DortmundHalmstad City to Dortmund
Dublin (DUB)DublinHalmstad City to Dublin
Dusseldorf (DUS)DusseldorfHalmstad City to Dusseldorf
San Sebastian (EAS)San SebastianHalmstad City to San Sebastian
Esbjerg (EBJ)EsbjergHalmstad City to Esbjerg
St Etienne Loire (EBU)St EtienneHalmstad City to St Etienne Loire
Schoenhagen (EDAZ)Berlin/PotsdamHalmstad City to Schoenhagen
Edinburgh International (EDI)EdinburghHalmstad City to Edinburgh International
La Roche-Sur-Yon/Les Ajoncs (EDM)La Roche-Sur-YonHalmstad City to La Roche-Sur-Yon/Les Ajoncs
Edremit/Balikesir Koca Seyit (Korfez) (EDO)EdremitHalmstad City to Edremit/Balikesir Koca Seyit (Korfez)
Bremgarten (EDTG)BremgartenHalmstad City to Bremgarten
Kefallinia/Anna Pollatou (EFL)KefaloniaHalmstad City to Kefallinia/Anna Pollatou
Bergerac Dordogne Perigord (EGC)BergeracHalmstad City to Bergerac Dordogne Perigord
Leeds East (EGCM)Church FentonHalmstad City to Leeds East
Retford (Gamston) (EGNE)RetfordHalmstad City to Retford (Gamston)
North Weald (EGSX)North WealdHalmstad City to North Weald
Cranfield (EGTC)CranfieldHalmstad City to Cranfield
Eisenach Kindel (EIB)Eisenach KindelHalmstad City to Eisenach Kindel
Eindhoven (EIN)EindhovenHalmstad City to Eindhoven
Eskilstuna (EKT)EskilstunaHalmstad City to Eskilstuna
East Midlands (EMA)Nottingham Derby LeicesterHalmstad City to East Midlands
Emden (EME)EmdenHalmstad City to Emden
Luzern/Emmen AB (EML)LuzernHalmstad City to Luzern/Emmen AB
Nancy Essey (ENC)NancyHalmstad City to Nancy Essey
Enontekio (ENF)EnontekioHalmstad City to Enontekio
Enniskillen/St Angelo (ENK)EnniskillenHalmstad City to Enniskillen/St Angelo
Enschede/Twente (ENS)EnschedeHalmstad City to Enschede/Twente
Epinal Mirecourt (EPL)EpinalHalmstad City to Epinal Mirecourt
Erzincan (ERC)ErzincanHalmstad City to Erzincan
Erfurt Weimar (ERF)ErfurtHalmstad City to Erfurt Weimar
Erzurum International (ERZ)ErzurumHalmstad City to Erzurum International
Ankara/Esenboga International (ESB)AnkaraHalmstad City to Ankara/Esenboga International
Eskisehir AB (ESK)EskisehirHalmstad City to Eskisehir AB
Essen/Mulheim (ESS)EssenHalmstad City to Essen/Mulheim
Metz Nancy Lorraine (ETZ)Metz/NancyHalmstad City to Metz Nancy Lorraine
Harstad/Narvik Evenes (EVE)Harstad/NarvikHalmstad City to Harstad/Narvik Evenes
Harjedalen Sveg (EVG)SvegHalmstad City to Harjedalen Sveg
Evreux Fauville AB (EVX)EvreuxHalmstad City to Evreux Fauville AB
Exeter (EXT)ExeterHalmstad City to Exeter
Elazig (EZS)ElazigHalmstad City to Elazig
Farnborough (FAB)LondonHalmstad City to Farnborough
Faro Algarve (FAO)FaroHalmstad City to Faro Algarve
Nordholz Naval Base (FCN)NordholzHalmstad City to Nordholz Naval Base
Rome Fiumicino Leonardo da Vinci (FCO)RomeHalmstad City to Rome Fiumicino Leonardo da Vinci
Friedrichshafen/Bodensee (FDH)FriedrichshafenHalmstad City to Friedrichshafen/Bodensee
Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden (FKB)Baden-BadenHalmstad City to Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden
Flensburg Schaferhaus (FLF)FlensburgHalmstad City to Flensburg Schaferhaus
Florence Amerigo Vespucci Peretola (Firenze) (FLR)FlorenceHalmstad City to Florence Amerigo Vespucci Peretola (Firenze)
Memmingen (FMM)MemmingenHalmstad City to Memmingen
Munster Osnabruck International (FMO)Munster OsnabruckHalmstad City to Munster Osnabruck International
Neubrandenburg (FNB)NeubrandenburgHalmstad City to Neubrandenburg
Nimes Ales Camargue Cevennes/Garons (FNI)NimesHalmstad City to Nimes Ales Camargue Cevennes/Garons
Foggia Gino Lisa (FOG)FoggiaHalmstad City to Foggia Gino Lisa
Frankfurt Main International (FRA)FrankfurtHalmstad City to Frankfurt Main International
Forli L Ridolfi (FRL)ForliHalmstad City to Forli L Ridolfi
Floro (FRO)FloroHalmstad City to Floro
Figari Sud Corse (FSC)FigariHalmstad City to Figari Sud Corse
Satenas AB (FUP)LidkopingHalmstad City to Satenas AB
Cotswold (Kemble) (GBA)CirencesterHalmstad City to Cotswold (Kemble)
Guernsey (GCI)GuernseyHalmstad City to Guernsey
Gallivare/Lapland (GEV)GallivareHalmstad City to Gallivare/Lapland
Madrid Getafe AB (GFE)MadridHalmstad City to Madrid Getafe AB
Giebelstadt (GHF)GiebelstadtHalmstad City to Giebelstadt
Gokceada (GKD)GokceadaHalmstad City to Gokceada
Geilenkirchen AB (GKE)GeilenkirchenHalmstad City to Geilenkirchen AB
Glasgow International (GLA)GlasgowHalmstad City to Glasgow International
Gloucestershire (GLO)GloucesterHalmstad City to Gloucestershire
Breda/Gilze-Rijen AB (GLZ)BredaHalmstad City to Breda/Gilze-Rijen AB
Grenoble Alpes Isere (GNB)GrenobleHalmstad City to Grenoble Alpes Isere
Sanliurfa GAP International (GNY)SanliurfaHalmstad City to Sanliurfa GAP International
Genoa Sestri Cristoforo Colombo (GOA)GenoaHalmstad City to Genoa Sestri Cristoforo Colombo
Patras/Araxos (GPA)PatrasHalmstad City to Patras/Araxos
Girona Costa Brava (GRO)GironaHalmstad City to Girona Costa Brava
Groningen Eelde (GRQ)GroningenHalmstad City to Groningen Eelde
Grosseto (Corrado Baccarini) (GRS)GrossetoHalmstad City to Grosseto (Corrado Baccarini)
Federico Garcia Lorca Granada-Jaen/Granada (GRX)GranadaHalmstad City to Federico Garcia Lorca Granada-Jaen/Granada
Graz International (GRZ)GrazHalmstad City to Graz International
Geneva International (GVA)GenevaHalmstad City to Geneva International
Gavle Gestrike (GVX)GavleHalmstad City to Gavle Gestrike
Sylt (GWT)WesterlandHalmstad City to Sylt
Galway Carnmore (GWY)GalwayHalmstad City to Galway Carnmore
Alanya Gazipasa (GZP)AlanyaHalmstad City to Alanya Gazipasa
Gaziantep Oguzeli (GZT)GaziantepHalmstad City to Gaziantep Oguzeli
Hannover-Langenhagen (HAJ)HannoverHalmstad City to Hannover-Langenhagen
Hamburg (HAM)HamburgHalmstad City to Hamburg
Haugesund Karmøy (HAU)HaugesundHalmstad City to Haugesund Karmøy
Haverfordwest (HAW)HaverfordwestHalmstad City to Haverfordwest
Seebad Heringsdorf (HDF)HeringsdorfHalmstad City to Seebad Heringsdorf
Helsinki Vantaa (HEL)HelsinkiHalmstad City to Helsinki Vantaa
Helsinki-Malmi (HEM)HelsinkiHalmstad City to Helsinki-Malmi
Iraklion Nikos Kazantzakis (HER)HeraklionHalmstad City to Iraklion Nikos Kazantzakis
Hagfors (HFS)HagforsHalmstad City to Hagfors
Frankfurt-Hahn (HHN)FrankfurtHalmstad City to Frankfurt-Hahn
Hultsfred-Vimmerby AB (HLF)HultsfredHalmstad City to Hultsfred-Vimmerby AB
Hemavan Tarnaby (HMV)HemavanHalmstad City to Hemavan Tarnaby
Hof-Plauen (HOQ)HofHalmstad City to Hof-Plauen
Huesca/(Monflorite-Alcala) Pirineos (HSK)HuescaHalmstad City to Huesca/(Monflorite-Alcala) Pirineos
Hatay (HTY)HatayHalmstad City to Hatay
Hudiksvall (HUV)HudiksvallHalmstad City to Hudiksvall
Humberside (HUY)HumbersideHalmstad City to Humberside
Hyvinkaa (HYV)HyvinkaaHalmstad City to Hyvinkaa
Merville Calonne (HZB)MervilleHalmstad City to Merville Calonne
Ibiza (IBZ)IbizaHalmstad City to Ibiza
Idre (IDB)IdreHalmstad City to Idre
Le Grand Phare/L'Ile D'Yeu (IDY)Port-JoinvilleHalmstad City to Le Grand Phare/L'Ile D'Yeu
Igdir Sehit Bulent Aydin (IGD)IgdirHalmstad City to Igdir Sehit Bulent Aydin
Izmir/Cigli AB (IGL)IzmirHalmstad City to Izmir/Cigli AB
Ingolstadt Manching (IGS)IngolstadtHalmstad City to Ingolstadt Manching
Lleida Alguaire (ILD)LleidaHalmstad City to Lleida Alguaire
Islay (ILY)IslayHalmstad City to Islay
Innsbruck (INN)InnsbruckHalmstad City to Innsbruck
Inverness (INV)InvernessHalmstad City to Inverness
Ioannina King Pyrros (IOA)IoanninaHalmstad City to Ioannina King Pyrros
Ronaldsway-Isle of Man (IOM)Isle of ManHalmstad City to Ronaldsway-Isle of Man
Isparta Suleyman Demirel International (ISE)IspartaHalmstad City to Isparta Suleyman Demirel International
Istanbul Ataturk International (ISL)IstanbulHalmstad City to Istanbul Ataturk International
Istanbul (New) (IST)IstanbulHalmstad City to Istanbul (New)
Ivalo (IVL)IvaloHalmstad City to Ivalo
Jersey (JER)JerseyHalmstad City to Jersey
Mykonos (JMK)MykonosHalmstad City to Mykonos
Joensuu (JOE)JoensuuHalmstad City to Joensuu
Sitia / Vitsentzos Kornaros (JSH)SitiaHalmstad City to Sitia / Vitsentzos Kornaros
Skiathos / Alexandros Papadiamandis International (JSI)SkiathosHalmstad City to Skiathos / Alexandros Papadiamandis International
Santorini Thira (JTR)ThiraHalmstad City to Santorini Thira
Jyvaskyla AB (JYV)JyvaskylaHalmstad City to Jyvaskyla AB
Kajaani (KAJ)KajaaniHalmstad City to Kajaani
Kuusamo (KAO)KuusamoHalmstad City to Kuusamo
Kahramanmaras (KCM)KahramanmarasHalmstad City to Kahramanmaras
Kocaeli/Cengiz Topel (KCO)KocaeliHalmstad City to Kocaeli/Cengiz Topel
Kiel-Holtenau (KEL)KielHalmstad City to Kiel-Holtenau
Kemi-Tornio (KEM)KemiHalmstad City to Kemi-Tornio
Halli AB (KEV)JamsaHalmstad City to Halli AB
Uzunyazi/Kastamonu (KFS)KastamonuHalmstad City to Uzunyazi/Kastamonu
Kos Ippokratis (KGS)KosHalmstad City to Kos Ippokratis
Killarney/Kerry (KIR)KillarneyHalmstad City to Killarney/Kerry
International Kortrijk-Wevelgem (KJK)KortrijkHalmstad City to International Kortrijk-Wevelgem
Kirkenes Hoybuktmoen (KKN)KirkenesHalmstad City to Kirkenes Hoybuktmoen
Kalmar Oland (KLR)KalmarHalmstad City to Kalmar Oland
Karntner Klagenfurt Worthersee (KLU)KlagenfurtHalmstad City to Karntner Klagenfurt Worthersee
Kalamata/Capt Vassilis Constantakopoulos (KLX)KalamataHalmstad City to Kalamata/Capt Vassilis Constantakopoulos
Kirkwall (KOI)KirkwallHalmstad City to Kirkwall
Kokkola-Pietarsaari/Kruunupyy (KOK)KokkolaHalmstad City to Kokkola-Pietarsaari/Kruunupyy
Hoga Kusten (High Coast) (KRF)KramforsHalmstad City to Hoga Kusten (High Coast)
Kiruna (KRN)KirunaHalmstad City to Kiruna
Karup/Midtjyllands (KRP)KarupHalmstad City to Karup/Midtjyllands
Kristiansand/Kjevik (KRS)KristiansandHalmstad City to Kristiansand/Kjevik
Karlstad (KSD)KarlstadHalmstad City to Karlstad
Kassel/Calden (KSF)KasselHalmstad City to Kassel/Calden
Karlskoga (KSK)KarlskogaHalmstad City to Karlskoga
Kastoria Aristotelis (KSO)KastoriaHalmstad City to Kastoria Aristotelis
Kristiansund Kvernberget (KSU)KristiansundHalmstad City to Kristiansund Kvernberget
Kars Harakani (KSY)KarsHalmstad City to Kars Harakani
Kitee (KTQ)KiteeHalmstad City to Kitee
Kittila (KTT)KittilaHalmstad City to Kittila
Kuopio (KUO)KuopioHalmstad City to Kuopio
Kavala International Megas Alexandros (KVA)KavalaHalmstad City to Kavala International Megas Alexandros
Skovde (KVB)SkovdeHalmstad City to Skovde
Konya AB (KYA)KonyaHalmstad City to Konya AB
Kozani Filippos (KZI)KozaniHalmstad City to Kozani Filippos
Zafer International (KZR)ZaferHalmstad City to Zafer International
Lannion (LAI)LannionHalmstad City to Lannion
Leeds Bradford (LBA)Leeds BradfordHalmstad City to Leeds Bradford
Luebeck - Blankensee (LBC)LuebeckHalmstad City to Luebeck - Blankensee
Paris Le Bourget (LBG)ParisHalmstad City to Paris Le Bourget
Albi-Le Sequestre (LBI)AlbiHalmstad City to Albi-Le Sequestre
Galatina/Lecce AB (LCC)LecceHalmstad City to Galatina/Lecce AB
A Coruna (LCG)La CorunaHalmstad City to A Coruna
Tarbes Lourdes Pyrenees (LDE)TarbesHalmstad City to Tarbes Lourdes Pyrenees
Lidkoping AB (LDK)LidkopingHalmstad City to Lidkoping AB
Landivisiau AB (LDV)LandivisiauHalmstad City to Landivisiau AB
Londonderry/City of Derry/Eglinton (LDY)LondonderryHalmstad City to Londonderry/City of Derry/Eglinton
Le Havre Octeville (LEH)Le HavreHalmstad City to Le Havre Octeville
Almeria (LEI)AlmeriaHalmstad City to Almeria
Leipzig-Halle (LEJ)LeipzigHalmstad City to Leipzig-Halle
Leon (LEN)LeonHalmstad City to Leon
Andorra-La Seu d'Urgell (LEU)La Seu D'UrgellHalmstad City to Andorra-La Seu d'Urgell
Lelystad (LEY)LelystadHalmstad City to Lelystad
Peronne-Haute Somme (LFAG)Peronne et St QuentinHalmstad City to Peronne-Haute Somme
Liege (LGG)LiegeHalmstad City to Liege
London Gatwick (LGW)LondonHalmstad City to London Gatwick
Lahr (LHA)LahrHalmstad City to Lahr
London Heathrow (LHR)LondonHalmstad City to London Heathrow
Limoges Bellegarde (LIG)LimogesHalmstad City to Limoges Bellegarde
Lille Lesquin (LIL)LilleHalmstad City to Lille Lesquin
Milan Linate (LIN)MilanHalmstad City to Milan Linate
Lisbon International/Humberto Delgado (LIS)LisbonHalmstad City to Lisbon International/Humberto Delgado
Lakselv Banak (LKL)LakselvHalmstad City to Lakselv Banak
Lulea/Kallax (LLA)LuleaHalmstad City to Lulea/Kallax
Le Mans-Arnage (LME)Le MansHalmstad City to Le Mans-Arnage
Lampedusa (LMP)LampedusaHalmstad City to Lampedusa
Blue Danube Linz (LNZ)LinzHalmstad City to Blue Danube Linz
Linkoping City/Saab (LPI)LinkopingHalmstad City to Linkoping City/Saab
Liverpool John Lennon (LPL)LiverpoolHalmstad City to Liverpool John Lennon
Lappeenranta (LPP)LappeenrantaHalmstad City to Lappeenranta
Le Puy-Loudes (LPY)Le PuyHalmstad City to Le Puy-Loudes
Larissa (LRA)LarissaHalmstad City to Larissa
La Rochelle Ile de Re (LRH)La RochelleHalmstad City to La Rochelle Ile de Re
Lorient Bretagne Sud-Lann Bihoue (LRT)LorientHalmstad City to Lorient Bretagne Sud-Lann Bihoue
Gstaad Saanen (LSGK)GstaadHalmstad City to Gstaad Saanen
Sumburgh (LSI)Shetland IsHalmstad City to Sumburgh
Mollis (LSZM)GlarusHalmstad City to Mollis
London Luton (LTN)LondonHalmstad City to London Luton
Le Touquet/Paris-Plage/Cote d'Opale (LTQ)Le TouquetHalmstad City to Le Touquet/Paris-Plage/Cote d'Opale
Lugano (LUG)LuganoHalmstad City to Lugano
Luxembourg Findel (LUX)LuxembourgHalmstad City to Luxembourg Findel
Laval-Entrammes (LVA)LavalHalmstad City to Laval-Entrammes
Leeuwarden AB (LWR)LeeuwardenHalmstad City to Leeuwarden AB
Limnos/Lemnos Intl Ifestos (LXS)MirinaHalmstad City to Limnos/Lemnos Intl Ifestos
Lycksele (LYC)LyckseleHalmstad City to Lycksele
Lyon Bron (LYN)LyonHalmstad City to Lyon Bron
Svalbard/Longyear (LYR)SvalbardHalmstad City to Svalbard/Longyear
Lyon Saint Exupery (LYS)LyonHalmstad City to Lyon Saint Exupery
Lydd/London Ashford (LYX)LyddHalmstad City to Lydd/London Ashford
Adolfo Suarez Madrid Barajas (MAD)MadridHalmstad City to Adolfo Suarez Madrid Barajas
Menorca/Minorca-Mahon (MAH)MenorcaHalmstad City to Menorca/Minorca-Mahon
Manchester (MAN)ManchesterHalmstad City to Manchester
Montlucon Gueret (MCU)MontluconHalmstad City to Montlucon Gueret
Mende Brenoux (MEN)MendeHalmstad City to Mende Brenoux
Mariehamn (MHQ)MariehamnHalmstad City to Mariehamn
Mikkeli City (MIK)MikkeliHalmstad City to Mikkeli City
Mitilini/Mytilene Odysseas Elytis (MJT)Mytilene IslandHalmstad City to Mitilini/Mytilene Odysseas Elytis
Murcia San Javier (MJV)MurciaHalmstad City to Murcia San Javier
Malta International (MLA)LuqaHalmstad City to Malta International
Basel-Mulhouse (BSL/MLH) (MLH)BaselHalmstad City to Basel-Mulhouse (BSL/MLH)
Erhac AB/Malatya (MLX)MalatyaHalmstad City to Erhac AB/Malatya
Teesside International (MME)DurhamHalmstad City to Teesside International
Molde Aro (MOL)MoldeHalmstad City to Molde Aro
Moulins Montbeugny (MOU)MoulinsHalmstad City to Moulins Montbeugny
Montpellier Mediterranee (MPL)MontpellierHalmstad City to Montpellier Mediterranee
Mardin (MQM)MardinHalmstad City to Mardin
Marseille Provence (MRS)MarseilleHalmstad City to Marseille Provence
Sultan Alparslan/Mus AB (MSR)MusHalmstad City to Sultan Alparslan/Mus AB
Maastricht Aachen (MST)MaastrichtHalmstad City to Maastricht Aachen
Munich (Muenchen) (MUC)MunichHalmstad City to Munich (Muenchen)
Morlaix Ploujean (MXN)MorlaixHalmstad City to Morlaix Ploujean
Milan Malpensa (MXP)MilanHalmstad City to Milan Malpensa
Mora/Siljan (MXX)MoraHalmstad City to Mora/Siljan
Amasya Merzifon (MZH)AmasyaHalmstad City to Amasya Merzifon
Metz-Frescaty AB (MZM)MetzHalmstad City to Metz-Frescaty AB
Naples Capodichino (Napoli) (NAP)NaplesHalmstad City to Naples Capodichino (Napoli)
Nevsehir Kapadokya International (NAV)NevsehirHalmstad City to Nevsehir Kapadokya International
Nice Cote d'Azur International (NCE)NiceHalmstad City to Nice Cote d'Azur International
Newcastle International (NCL)NewcastleHalmstad City to Newcastle International
Annecy Mont Blanc (Meythet) (NCY)AnnecyHalmstad City to Annecy Mont Blanc (Meythet)
RAF Northolt (NHT)LondonHalmstad City to RAF Northolt
Niort/Souche (NIT)NiortHalmstad City to Niort/Souche
Sirnak - Serafettin Elci (NKT)SirnakHalmstad City to Sirnak - Serafettin Elci
Ireland West Knock (NOC)CharlestownHalmstad City to Ireland West Knock
Sinop (NOP)SinopHalmstad City to Sinop
Cornwall Newquay (NQY)NewquayHalmstad City to Cornwall Newquay
Norrkoping (Kungsangen) (NRK)NorrkopingHalmstad City to Norrkoping (Kungsangen)
Weeze (ex-Niederrhein/Laarbruch) (NRN)WeezeHalmstad City to Weeze (ex-Niederrhein/Laarbruch)
Catania-Sigonella AB (NSY)CataniaHalmstad City to Catania-Sigonella AB
Notodden (NTB)NotoddenHalmstad City to Notodden
Nantes Atlantique (NTE)NantesHalmstad City to Nantes Atlantique
Nuernberg Albrecht Durer (NUE)NuernbergHalmstad City to Nuernberg Albrecht Durer
Nevers Fourchambault (NVS)NeversHalmstad City to Nevers Fourchambault
Norwich International (NWI)NorwichHalmstad City to Norwich International
Stockholm/Skavsta (NYO)StockholmHalmstad City to Stockholm/Skavsta
Munich/Oberpfaffenhofen (OBF)MunichHalmstad City to Munich/Oberpfaffenhofen
Oban (OBN)ObanHalmstad City to Oban
Aubenas-Ardeche Meridionale (Vals Lanas) (OBS)AubenasHalmstad City to Aubenas-Ardeche Meridionale (Vals Lanas)
Cordoba (ODB)CordobaHalmstad City to Cordoba
Odense/Hans Christian Andersen (ODE)OdenseHalmstad City to Odense/Hans Christian Andersen
Ornskoldsvik (OER)OrnskoldsvikHalmstad City to Ornskoldsvik
Ordu-Giresun (OGU)GiresunHalmstad City to Ordu-Giresun
Orland AB (OLA)OrlandHalmstad City to Orland AB
Olbia Costa Smeralda (OLB)OlbiaHalmstad City to Olbia Costa Smeralda
Zonguldak Caycuma (ONQ)CaycumaHalmstad City to Zonguldak Caycuma
Porto (Oporto) Francisco Sa Carneiro (OPO)PortoHalmstad City to Porto (Oporto) Francisco Sa Carneiro
Orebro (ORB)OrebroHalmstad City to Orebro
Orleans-St Denis de L'Hotel (ORE)OrleansHalmstad City to Orleans-St Denis de L'Hotel
Cork (ORK)CorkHalmstad City to Cork
Northampton/Sywell (ORM)NorthamptonHalmstad City to Northampton/Sywell
Paris Orly (ORY)ParisHalmstad City to Paris Orly
Are Ostersund (OSD)OstersundHalmstad City to Are Ostersund
Osijek Klisa (OSI)OsijekHalmstad City to Osijek Klisa
Oskarshamn (OSK)OskarshamnHalmstad City to Oskarshamn
Oslo Gardermoen (OSL)OsloHalmstad City to Oslo Gardermoen
Ostend-Bruges International (OST)OostendeHalmstad City to Ostend-Bruges International
Oulu (OUL)OuluHalmstad City to Oulu
Asturias (OVD)AsturiasHalmstad City to Asturias
London Oxford (Kidlington) (OXF)London/OxfordHalmstad City to London Oxford (Kidlington)
Seville Moron AB (OZP)SevilleHalmstad City to Seville Moron AB
Paderborn / Lippstadt (PAD)PaderbornHalmstad City to Paderborn / Lippstadt
Peenemunde (PEF)PeenemundeHalmstad City to Peenemunde
Umbria-Perugia Int'l San Francesco d'Assisi (PEG)PerugiaHalmstad City to Umbria-Perugia Int'l San Francesco d'Assisi
Perpignan Rivesaltes (PGF)PerpignanHalmstad City to Perpignan Rivesaltes
Perigueux Bassillac (PGX)PerigueuxHalmstad City to Perigueux Bassillac
Glasgow Prestwick (PIK)GlasgowHalmstad City to Glasgow Prestwick
Poitiers Biard (PIS)PoitiersHalmstad City to Poitiers Biard
Pajala (PJA)PajalaHalmstad City to Pajala
Parma G Verdi (PMF)ParmaHalmstad City to Parma G Verdi
Palma de Mallorca (PMI)PalmaHalmstad City to Palma de Mallorca
Palermo/Punta Raisi Falcone Borsellino (PMO)PalermoHalmstad City to Palermo/Punta Raisi Falcone Borsellino
Pamplona/Noain (PNA)PamplonaHalmstad City to Pamplona/Noain
Pantelleria AB (PNL)PantelleriaHalmstad City to Pantelleria AB
Pori (POR)PoriHalmstad City to Pori
Paris Pontoise-Cormeilles-En-Vexin (POX)PontoiseHalmstad City to Paris Pontoise-Cormeilles-En-Vexin
Northern Maine Regional (PQI)Presque IsleMEHalmstad City to Northern Maine Regional
Propriano-Tavaria (PRP)ProprianoHalmstad City to Propriano-Tavaria
Pisa International San Giusto Galileo Galilei (PSA)PisaHalmstad City to Pisa International San Giusto Galileo Galilei
Pescara D'Abruzzo Intl (PSR)PescaraHalmstad City to Pescara D'Abruzzo Intl
Pau Pyrenees (PUF)PauHalmstad City to Pau Pyrenees
Pula (PUY)PulaHalmstad City to Pula
Preveza / Aktion (PVK)PrevezaHalmstad City to Preveza / Aktion
Andravida AB (PYR)AndravidaHalmstad City to Andravida AB
Amiens/Glisy (QAM)AmiensHalmstad City to Amiens/Glisy
Preturo-Parchi Giuliana Tamburro (QAQ)L'AquilaHalmstad City to Preturo-Parchi Giuliana Tamburro
Besancon-La Veze (QBQ)BesanconHalmstad City to Besancon-La Veze
Frankfurt-Egelsbach (QEF)FrankfurtHalmstad City to Frankfurt-Egelsbach
Freiburg (QFB)FreiburgHalmstad City to Freiburg
Duxford (QFO)DuxfordHalmstad City to Duxford
Istres-Le Tube AB (QIE)IstresHalmstad City to Istres-Le Tube AB
Latina AB (QLT)LatinaHalmstad City to Latina AB
Annemasse (QNJ)Annemasse-GenevaHalmstad City to Annemasse
Macon-Charnay (QNX)MaconHalmstad City to Macon-Charnay
Salerno-Costa D'Amalfi (QSR)SalernoHalmstad City to Salerno-Costa D'Amalfi
Rothenburg/Gorlitz - Oberlausitz (QTK)RothenburgHalmstad City to Rothenburg/Gorlitz - Oberlausitz
Varese/Venegono A Ferrarin (QVA)VareseHalmstad City to Varese/Venegono A Ferrarin
Aix-Les-Milles/Aix en Provence (QXB)Aix-Les-MillesHalmstad City to Aix-Les-Milles/Aix en Provence
Straubing Wallmuehle (RBM)StraubingHalmstad City to Straubing Wallmuehle
Rochefort-Saint Agnant-Charente-Maritime (RCO)RochefortHalmstad City to Rochefort-Saint Agnant-Charente-Maritime
Rodez Aveyron (RDZ)RodezHalmstad City to Rodez Aveyron
Rechlin-Larz/Muritz Airpark (REB)Rechlin-LarzHalmstad City to Rechlin-Larz/Muritz Airpark
Reggio Calabria Tito Minniti (REG)Reggio di CalabriaHalmstad City to Reggio Calabria Tito Minniti
Reus (REU)ReusHalmstad City to Reus
Burgos Villafria (RGS)BurgosHalmstad City to Burgos Villafria
Rodos / Diagoras International (RHO)RhodesHalmstad City to Rodos / Diagoras International
Rijeka (RJK)Krk IslandHalmstad City to Rijeka
La Rioja/Logrono-Agoncillo (RJL)La RiojaHalmstad City to La Rioja/Logrono-Agoncillo
Rostock-Laage (RLG)RostockHalmstad City to Rostock-Laage
Miramare Federico Fellini Rimini International (RMI)RiminiHalmstad City to Miramare Federico Fellini Rimini International
Ramstein AB (RMS)RamsteinHalmstad City to Ramstein AB
Region de Murcia International (RMU)MurciaHalmstad City to Region de Murcia International
Roanne Renaison (RNE)RoanneHalmstad City to Roanne Renaison
Bornholm Ronne (RNN)RonneHalmstad City to Bornholm Ronne
Rennes Saint Jacques (RNS)RennesHalmstad City to Rennes Saint Jacques
Cadiz Rota AB (ROZ)CadizHalmstad City to Cadiz Rota AB
Roeros (RRS)RorosHalmstad City to Roeros
Rotterdam / The Hague (RTM)RotterdamHalmstad City to Rotterdam / The Hague
Rovaniemi (RVN)RovaniemiHalmstad City to Rovaniemi
Rygge AB (RYG)MossHalmstad City to Rygge AB
Royan Medis (RYN)RoyanHalmstad City to Royan Medis
Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen International (SAW)IstanbulHalmstad City to Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen International
Siena-Ampugnano (SAY)SienaHalmstad City to Siena-Ampugnano
Saint Brieuc Armor (SBK)St BrieucHalmstad City to Saint Brieuc Armor
Saarbrucken (SCN)SaarbruckenHalmstad City to Saarbrucken
Santiago (SCQ)Santiago Halmstad City to Santiago
Salen/Scandinavian Mountains (SCR)SalenHalmstad City to Salen/Scandinavian Mountains
Sundsvall-Timra (SDL)SundsvallHalmstad City to Sundsvall-Timra
Seve Ballesteros - Santander (SDR)SantanderHalmstad City to Seve Ballesteros - Santander
London Southend (SEN)LondonHalmstad City to London Southend
Skelleftea (SFT)SkellefteaHalmstad City to Skelleftea
Sonderborg (SGD)SonderborgHalmstad City to Sonderborg
Siegen/Siegerland (SGE)SiegenHalmstad City to Siegen/Siegerland
Sion (SIR)SionHalmstad City to Sion
Seinajoki (SJY)SeinajokiHalmstad City to Seinajoki
Skien Geiteryggen (SKE)SkienHalmstad City to Skien Geiteryggen
Thessaloniki / Macedonia/ Makedonia Intl (SKG)ThessalonikiHalmstad City to Thessaloniki / Macedonia/ Makedonia Intl
Vojens Skrydstrup (SKS)VojensHalmstad City to Vojens Skrydstrup
Skyros (SKU)SkirosHalmstad City to Skyros
Salamanca Matacan (SLM)SalamancaHalmstad City to Salamanca Matacan
Samos / Aristarchos of Samos International (SMI)SamosHalmstad City to Samos / Aristarchos of Samos International
Engadin - St Moritz/Samedan (SMV)SamedanHalmstad City to Engadin - St Moritz/Samedan
Shannon International (SNN)ShannonHalmstad City to Shannon International
St Nazaire Montoir (SNR)St NazaireHalmstad City to St Nazaire Montoir
Soderhamn/Helsinge (SOO)SoderhamnHalmstad City to Soderhamn/Helsinge
Sodankyla (SOT)SodankylaHalmstad City to Sodankyla
Southampton (SOU)SouthamptonHalmstad City to Southampton
Solenzara AB (SOZ)SolenzaraHalmstad City to Solenzara AB
Binsfeld/Spangdahlem AB (SPM)BinsfeldHalmstad City to Binsfeld/Spangdahlem AB
Split (SPU)SplitHalmstad City to Split
Storuman (SQO)StorumanHalmstad City to Storuman
Stord/Sorstokken (SRP)StordHalmstad City to Stord/Sorstokken
Sandnessjoen Stokka (SSJ)SandnessjoenHalmstad City to Sandnessjoen Stokka
Stauning (STA)RingkobingHalmstad City to Stauning
London Stansted (STN)LondonHalmstad City to London Stansted
Stuttgart (STR)StuttgartHalmstad City to Stuttgart
Lamezia Terme (SUF)LameziaHalmstad City to Lamezia Terme
Stavanger/Sola (SVG)StavangerHalmstad City to Stavanger/Sola
Savonlinna (SVL)SavonlinnaHalmstad City to Savonlinna
Sevilla San Pablo (SVQ)SevilleHalmstad City to Sevilla San Pablo
Swansea (SWS)SwanseaHalmstad City to Swansea
Strasbourg Entzheim (SXB)StrasbourgHalmstad City to Strasbourg Entzheim
Siirt (SXZ)SiirtHalmstad City to Siirt
Saint Yan (SYT)St YanHalmstad City to Saint Yan
Stornoway (SYY)StornowayHalmstad City to Stornoway
Samsun/Carsamba (SZF)SamsunHalmstad City to Samsun/Carsamba
Salzburg W A Mozart (SZG)SalzburgHalmstad City to Salzburg W A Mozart
Schwerin-Parchim International (SZW)ParchimHalmstad City to Schwerin-Parchim International
Taranto-Grottaglie (TAR)TarantoHalmstad City to Taranto-Grottaglie
Thisted (TED)ThistedHalmstad City to Thisted
Tekirdag Corlu Ataturk International (TEQ)CorluHalmstad City to Tekirdag Corlu Ataturk International
Teruel (TEV)TeruelHalmstad City to Teruel
Trollhattan/Vanersborg (THN)TrollhattanHalmstad City to Trollhattan/Vanersborg
Tokat (TJK)TokatHalmstad City to Tokat
Turku (TKU)TurkuHalmstad City to Turku
Toulon-Le Palyvestre/Hyeres International (TLN)Toulon-HyeresHalmstad City to Toulon-Le Palyvestre/Hyeres International
Toulouse Blagnac (TLS)ToulouseHalmstad City to Toulouse Blagnac
Tampere Pirkkala (TMP)TampereHalmstad City to Tampere Pirkkala
Madrid Torrejon (TOJ)MadridHalmstad City to Madrid Torrejon
Tromso/Langnes (TOS)TromsoHalmstad City to Tromso/Langnes
Trapani-Birgi Vincenzo Florio (TPS)TrapaniHalmstad City to Trapani-Birgi Vincenzo Florio
Trondheim Vaernes AB (TRD)TrondheimHalmstad City to Trondheim Vaernes AB
Tiree (TRE)TireeHalmstad City to Tiree
Sandefjord Torp (TRF)SandefjordHalmstad City to Sandefjord Torp
Turin Caselle Sandro Pertini (Torino) (TRN)TurinHalmstad City to Turin Caselle Sandro Pertini (Torino)
Friuli Venezia Giulia/Ronchi Dei Legionari (TRS)TriesteHalmstad City to Friuli Venezia Giulia/Ronchi Dei Legionari
Treviso/S. Angelo/Antonio Canova (TSF)TrevisoHalmstad City to Treviso/S. Angelo/Antonio Canova
Tours Val de Loire (TUF)ToursHalmstad City to Tours Val de Loire
Berlin Tegel (TXL)BerlinHalmstad City to Berlin Tegel
Torsby/Fryklanda (TYF)TorsbyHalmstad City to Torsby/Fryklanda
Trabzon International (TZX)TrabzonHalmstad City to Trabzon International
Adana/Incirlik AB (UAB)AdanaHalmstad City to Adana/Incirlik AB
Volkel AB (UDE)UdenHalmstad City to Volkel AB
Quimper Cornouaille/Pluguffan (UIP)QuimperHalmstad City to Quimper Cornouaille/Pluguffan
Umea City (UME)UmeaHalmstad City to Umea City
Rouen Vallee de Seine (URO)RouenHalmstad City to Rouen Vallee de Seine
Usak (USQ)UsakHalmstad City to Usak
Kouvola/Utti AB (UTI)KouvolaHalmstad City to Kouvola/Utti AB
Vaasa (VAA)VaasaHalmstad City to Vaasa
Valence Chabeuil (VAF)ValenceHalmstad City to Valence Chabeuil
Van Ferit Melen (VAN)VanHalmstad City to Van Ferit Melen
Sivas/Nuri Demirag (VAS)SivasHalmstad City to Sivas/Nuri Demirag
Brescia Montichiari (VBS)BresciaHalmstad City to Brescia Montichiari
Visby (VBY)VisbyHalmstad City to Visby
Venice Tessera Marco Polo (Venezia) (VCE)VeniceHalmstad City to Venice Tessera Marco Polo (Venezia)
Fagernes Leirin (VDB)FagernesHalmstad City to Fagernes Leirin
Vigo (VGO)VigoHalmstad City to Vigo
Vilhelmina Sagadal/South Lapland (VHM)VilhelminaHalmstad City to Vilhelmina Sagadal/South Lapland
Vichy Charmeil (VHY)VichyHalmstad City to Vichy Charmeil
Vienna International/Wien-Schwechat (VIE)ViennaHalmstad City to Vienna International/Wien-Schwechat
Vitoria Foronda (VIT)VitoriaHalmstad City to Vitoria Foronda
Villacoublay-Velizy AB (VIY)VillacoublayHalmstad City to Villacoublay-Velizy AB
Valencia Manises (VLC)ValenciaHalmstad City to Valencia Manises
Valladolid Villanubla (VLL)ValladolidHalmstad City to Valladolid Villanubla
RAF Valley (VLY)HolyheadHalmstad City to RAF Valley
Vannes-Meucon (VNE)VannesHalmstad City to Vannes-Meucon
Nea Anchialos Almiros AB (VOL)VolosHalmstad City to Nea Anchialos Almiros AB
Varkaus (VRK)VarkausHalmstad City to Varkaus
Verona Villafranca Valerio Catullo (VRN)VeronaHalmstad City to Verona Villafranca Valerio Catullo
Stockholm/Vasteras (VST)StockholmHalmstad City to Stockholm/Vasteras
Waterford (WAT)WaterfordHalmstad City to Waterford
Schleswig-Jagel AB (WBG)SchleswigHalmstad City to Schleswig-Jagel AB
Wick John O'Groats (WIC)WickHalmstad City to Wick John O'Groats
Bergen/Woensdrecht (WOE)BergenHalmstad City to Bergen/Woensdrecht
Wilhelmshaven JadeWeser Airport (WVN)WilhelmshavenHalmstad City to Wilhelmshaven JadeWeser Airport
Abbeville (XAB)AbbevilleHalmstad City to Abbeville
Arcachon La Teste de Buch (XAC)ArcachonHalmstad City to Arcachon La Teste de Buch
Ales-(Deaux) Cevennes (XAS)AlesHalmstad City to Ales-(Deaux) Cevennes
Blois-Le Breuil (XBQ)BloisHalmstad City to Blois-Le Breuil
Chalon Champforgeuil (XCD)Chalon-Sur-SaoneHalmstad City to Chalon Champforgeuil
Paris Vatry (Chalons) (XCR)Chalons-en-ChampagneHalmstad City to Paris Vatry (Chalons)
Chaumont-Semoutiers (XCW)ChaumontHalmstad City to Chaumont-Semoutiers
Charleville Mezieres (XCZ)CharlevilleHalmstad City to Charleville Mezieres
Hamburg Finkenwerder (XFW)HamburgHalmstad City to Hamburg Finkenwerder
Maubeuge-Elesmes (XME)MaubeugeHalmstad City to Maubeuge-Elesmes
Montbeliard Courcelles (XMF)MontbeliardHalmstad City to Montbeliard Courcelles
Mont De Marsan AB (XMJ)Mont De MarsanHalmstad City to Mont De Marsan AB
Orange Caritat AB (XOG)OrangeHalmstad City to Orange Caritat AB
Jerez de la Frontera (XRY)JerezHalmstad City to Jerez de la Frontera
Saumur-St Florent (XSU)SaumurHalmstad City to Saumur-St Florent
Vesoul-Frotey (XVO)VesoulHalmstad City to Vesoul-Frotey
Valenciennes-Denain/Charles Nungesser (XVS)ValenciennesHalmstad City to Valenciennes-Denain/Charles Nungesser
Bursa Yenisehir (YEI)BursaHalmstad City to Bursa Yenisehir
Hakkari/Yuksekova Selahaddin Eyyubi (YKO)YuksekovaHalmstad City to Hakkari/Yuksekova Selahaddin Eyyubi
Ylivieska (YLI)YlivieskaHalmstad City to Ylivieska
Zadar Zemunik (ZAD)ZadarHalmstad City to Zadar Zemunik
Zagreb (ZAG)ZagrebHalmstad City to Zagreb
Cahors/Lalbenque (ZAO)CahorsHalmstad City to Cahors/Lalbenque
Zaragoza (ZAZ)ZaragozaHalmstad City to Zaragoza
Bamberg-Breitenau (ZCD)BambergHalmstad City to Bamberg-Breitenau
Celle AB (ZCN)CelleHalmstad City to Celle AB
Speyer (ZQC)SpeyerHalmstad City to Speyer
Zweibruecken (ZQW)ZweibrueckenHalmstad City to Zweibruecken
Zurich (ZRH)ZurichHalmstad City to Zurich
Stendal Borstel (ZSN)Stendal BorstelHalmstad City to Stendal Borstel
Zakinthos / Dionysios Solomos (ZTH)ZakinthosHalmstad City to Zakinthos / Dionysios Solomos

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