Air Taxi Pricing

Air taxi is smarter air travel that isn't extravagantly expensive or wasteful of your time

The cost of a private flight can vary significantly. For example, when not flying on an air taxi aircraft, private jet charter is often extravagantly expensive. You may have to purchase a big-money "private jet card" or fractional ownership share to even take a single flight.

For rock-bottom prices, you can fly the airlines. But combine frequent delays, intrusive security and other hassles - you probably won't recieve a pleasurable flying experience. As airlines continue to drop direct routes, the frustration and inconvenience is only increased.

Air taxi is the smart alternative to both private jet charter and airline flights, offering all the benefits of flying in your own personal airplane at prices that are comparable to business-class airline fares - and even less than coach on some routes!

What will it cost?

The best way to answer that question is to use our intelligent pricing and booking tool.

What it won't cost

With air taxi, you just drive up and fly!

Air taxi is a different model from fractional jet ownership (as exemplified by NetJets), and doesn't require hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars in up front capital expenditures and annual management fees, and the resulting complex, long-term contractual relationships.  

The cost of a private flight is different than jet charter. Linear Air offers on-demand flight service, meaning that we don't require an up-front commitment in order to fly - you can pay per-flight. By flying in high-tech, efficient air taxi aircraft, you won't be wasting money on extravagance.