Linear Air Taxi Pricing

Airline pricing often seems arbitrary, while private jet pricing almost always feels extravagant. In the past, you’ve had to pick your poison in the air, or could elect to take five hours and drive there instead!

With Linear Air Taxi, leave all that behind.  Get all the benefits of flying in your own personal airplane at prices that are comparable to business-class airline fares - and even less than coach on some routes!

What will it cost?

Well, let’s see. Just use Linear Air Taxi’s pricing and booking tool and find out:

Price your flight

What it won't cost

With Linear Air Taxi, fly by the glass!

Unlike fractional jet ownership or so-called “jet cards,” Linear Air Taxi doesn't require any up-front capital expenditures, monthly management fees or multi-year contracts. With Linear Air Taxi, you pay on a trip-by-trip basis.